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Y6 Digital Ambassadors

The Year 6 Digital Ambassadors advise children at Talbot how to act sensibly online; they can also give pupils 1:1 advice about what to do in many circumstances. The Digital Ambassadors are an important voice in school’s ongoing education programme about acting safely online. These are their pen portraits:


Hi, I am Harnoor. I am good with computers and can operate one well. I know about safe searches and can help teachers and students. I am confident with PowerPoint and Word. I am also confident to talk in assemblies.

[Harnoor, 6RW]


Hi, my name’s Sasha. I am good with younger children and love computers. I hope to help everybody in KS1 and KS2 to feel safer online. This is because cyberbullying has grown quite a lot and some children don’t know the all of the risks and why they need to do safe searches. That is why I want to be a digital ambassador.

[Sasha, 6RW]


Hi, my name is Jonah and I am a digital ambassador. I have chosen to be a digital ambassador because I love to help other people, often being the teachers! I am very good with computers. I am able to code in multiple languages and I am also good working with children as I do Fitbods regularly.

[Jonah, 6SA]


Hi, my name is Naomi. I want to be a digital ambassador because I want to help everyone to be safer online. This is because the online world can be very fun but also very dangerous if you do the wrong thing. That is why we are here to help you with your problems online.

[Naomi, 6RW]


Miss Ambler (Computing Coordinator)

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