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2CC Our special visitor!

Year 2 have launched our new Creative Curriculum topic this term, all about the Great Fire of London. To help us with our learning we were lucky enough to have a visit from a very important guest names Sir William Petty. Sir William was able to teach us lots of interesting facts and information because he was actually alive during the Great Fire of London in 1666 and saw the fire with his own eyes! Sir William helped us to carry out lots of experiments so that we could experience what it was like for the people living in London at the time, for example, he showed us how to make a ‘bucket chain’ by passing buckets of water along a line of people, just like the people of London did to help them put out the fire.

Before he left Sir William left us a very important job to do. He showed us a map showing all of the damage that the fire had caused in London, and asked us to design a new map, planning out how we could rebuild London. We each had a piece of the map to design and were careful to make sure that our new designs were safer so that the fire wouldn’t happen again, for example, we decided to make our houses with brick walls so that they wouldn’t burn and make the streets a lot wider to stop fire spreading. Everyone in Year two loved learning from our special visitor and can’t wait to send him our new map designs!

By Mrs Coady

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