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courage, truth, loyalty

Our favourite books.

On Thursday 6th September, 2LM chose their favourite ‘home’ book and brought it into school.

They shared their books with different partners, explaining why they had chosen the book, which part of the book was their favourite and why. 2LM then wrote speech bubbles to explain their ideas.

As a class, we thought about the types of books the children had brought in and we learnt more about fiction and non-fiction texts. We enjoyed learning facts from some of the non-fiction texts, especially the facts about space!

“I like reading fiction books because they are funny. Strange things happen and they have good settings.”

“I like fairy tales and stories with magic.”

“This book is my favourite book because it makes me laugh.”

“I chose this book because it is funny and it has a cat in it.”

Pop into 2LM’s classroom to see more photographs and their favourite book speech bubbles!

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