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Talbot Primary School
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courage, truth, loyalty


5 little senses are what we have. They help us see, hear, feel, taste, touch.

As part of our Creative Curriculum “Who are you?” our new class mascots Betsie and Bertie wanted to learn more about us.

After labelling our bodies, we learnt about our senses. We explored and used our senses whilst taking part in various activities.

To test out hearing we played and listened to different instrument.

To test our sight we looked at various optical illusions.

To test our touch we felt various objects like rocks, plasticine and sponges.

To test out taste we tried different foods including, bread, crisps, pears, lemons and raisins.

To test our smell we smelt different foods including, garlic, cumin, cocoa, mint and dried apricots.

By Mrs Glosek

Designed and hosted by Design For Education