Talbot Primary School
Talbot Primary School
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New Classroom

In RHC we have all settled very well into our new class.

We are still trying really hard to follow all our classroom rules and routines. We have really enjoyed exploring and investigating all our very exciting areas and outdoor area too! We have really enjoyed getting creative and on occasions a little bit messy (sorry to the person who washes our clothes!) It’s ok as long as we are doing lots of learning and having fun …right?  

We have also been trying really hard to develop our listening and speaking skills during our phonics sessions. We have been practising lots of rhyme and alliteration and we have moved on to learning our phonemes. Adults at home… you should definitely ask us to sing to you our songs we use to remember our new sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘p’, ‘i’ and ‘n’. We are fantastic at them... and we even know some actions too! We use and applied our skills in lots of different situations.  We tiptoed down the corridor in search of different objects that have these sounds at the start of their names. Miss Christy was very impressed with how many things we could see and hear starting with the sound. Sometimes we even practise writing our new letters, painting, drawing and making them out of playdough.

By Miss Christy

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