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Prayers for Syria

6JM have been learning about the terrible situation in Syria. We have thought about how it might feel to live in fear and see those you love being hurt or killed. We wrote prayers and reflections for the people of Syria and want them to know our thoughts are with them.


Dear God,

Please help the people of Syria to make peace! What is going on? It is not right; everyone should be able to live a normal life. Children should not have to save others’ lives by risking their own. Killing is not right. Why is this happening? It is horrible to think about all the things they are going through. Please help them get better and heal there wounds. I wish the fighting would stop and everything could be fixed so that the people of Syria could live in peace again. Help them get through these hard times!                   

Love Niamh x                  



Allah please help the people of Syria

They can’t fight any more

They can’t survive and revive this deadly war

Stop the battle and let the souls of Syria survive

This war might take more than army

It will take love, friendship and kindness

Take the fear, jealousy, and anger away

And replace it with hope, justice and love

Rebuild the ruined and stop the bombs and destruction

Stop the guns firing out loud it’s no different to shouting out loud

This country’s a mess please bless the country

And the souls in it

Let the people of Syria live happily ever after

Allah hu acber


By Muhammed


Dear God,

We pray that peace can spread over Syria. We heard about the news and give them our condolences. We understand that your markets have been bombed and that you are not able to buy food. Also everyone hopes that the children can get into good schools again and hospitals can open up so people can be treated. Having your house destroyed must be devastating. I can just imagine how saddening it is with members of your family also killed. It is just so upsetting. We hope that peace will enter Syria once more.    


By Sukvir



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