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Living with Disabilities

We were very pleased to welcome Mrs Mesa, Luis’ Mum from RHJ to school today to lead our Reception and Key Stage One Assembly.  Mrs Mesa works at Your St. John’s University and trains Occupational Therapists to support children and adults with disabilities. 

Mrs Mesa kindly explained what she did and bought lots of resources which are designed to help people with disabilities in their home and ensure that even if a person has a disability they could still live independently. The children were fascinated to see how simple props, like shoe horns, bath seats, specially modified kitchen utensils and even a toilet seat could help make such a big difference.  Some of the comments and reflections from the children are included below:

‘I thought the assembly was awesome and that Mrs Mesa did a really good job at getting all of those things ready to show us.’ Year One child

‘I didn’t realise how hard it was for some people to put their socks on themselves.  I liked the tool Mrs Mesa showed us and how this could be made easier.’ Year Two child

‘The balance board was the best.’ Year One child

Thank you Mrs Mesa for helping us to understand more about disability.


Wednesday 7th July

Mrs Gill

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