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Year 6 - Steel Pans

Melvin, from Art Forms, spent a day with Year 6 teaching them how to play the steel pans.  He also told them a little about their origins. It was fantastic to learn a new instrument and by the end of the day every child performed two pieces to the rest of KS2. Here is what some of the pupils thought:

“About 100 years ago, in the Caribbean, a boy was given a metal biscuit tin by his mother. As he walked down the road, he dropped it and it got covered in dents. The boy tried to beat the dents out of the biscuit tin and, as he did so, he noticed that each dent made different sound. This was the origin of the steel pans, although nowadays people beat old oil drums into shape.” Keira (6JM)

“My group learnt a song called “Group of Three”. Melvin told us which notes to play and how many times you had to strike them. I started with the notes on the left and alternated to those on the right. My partner was Gagan; we helped each other by offering advice. I told him how to grip the beaters properly and he told me to slow down when I went too fast. Some of the music was hard but it was still fun, especially when I learnt to master it.” Jacob (6JM)

“Playing the steel pans to year 3 and Year 4 was the first time that I performed music to a large audience. It was tricky at first but, once you learnt it, you didn’t notice anyone else in the room. You just concentrated and did your best to get it right. By the end, I felt proud of myself, because I didn’t mess up. I would be interested in playing the steel pans again.” Raahim (6JM)

Mr Rivers

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