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Steel Pan in Year 6

After the SATs exams, we celebrated with a steel pan workshop, led by Leon. Each group had an hour to learn the basics and to learn to play a specific tune, before performing it to Year 5 at the end of the day. It was a fabulous cultural opportunity and I hope that some children might take the steel pans up as a result of this experience (as I know previous pupils have done).

Mr Rivers


What we did

We were part of the Steal Pan Workshop. I was on bass, which creates a deep sound. Josh was at the front on the singles, which made a more high pitch sound.

First, we learnt the history of the Steel Pans/Drums. Next, we learned the basic pattern which was 1, 2, 3 and 1, 1, 1. In the afternoon, we did a performance to year 5 and showed them how amazing the Steel Pans/Drums are.

Emily S and Joshua – 6SD


The History of the Steel Pans

One day, many years ago, a Caribbean boy called Simon was going to have a special day; it was his mother’s birthday. Simon’s mother got lots of presents and one of her presents was a big tin of biscuits, which was given to her by her neighbour.

Simon’s mother didn’t want to throw the tin away afterwards, so she gave it to Simon. Simon walked across his garden, thinking about what do with the tin, sitting in his hands. Suddenly, Simon tripped and the tin fell right out of his hands and landed on the floor. It made a big dent.

Simon started to beat the dent out but then another dent appeared. And again. And again. While beating the dents, Simon could hear different sounds and he was delighted. He kept beating it again and again. He then though of showing his friends and then that’s what he had discovered.

Simon showed his friends but, at first, they thought he was out of his mind. Then slowly, they came round to the idea and wanted a tin of their own. They kept knocking on their neighbours’ doors, asking for tins but nobody had any.

One of Simon’s friends thought about some old oil barrels he had seen earlier. So they gathered as many oil tanks as they could and started to make dents in them. When the tanks were ready, they started to make wonderful melodies together. Steel pans were born and now they are played all around the world.   

Manayl – 6SD





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