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Holy Communion

Frank had his Holy Communion in the summer term and he volunteered to tell his class all about it in RE.

Frank explained that, prior to Holy Communion, you must attend classes for a number of months to learn about being a good Christian and to help you think about God. These classes are designed for children who are seven or older. This is very important, because the individual needs to be old enough to make the decision themselves.

The ceremony was held in church; all the friends and families of the children receiving Holy Communion came to watch (in Frank’s case this included relatives who travelled all the way from Ireland). Frank made his promises to God and was received into the church. Frank was given a number of gifts to mark the occasion, including cards, a crucifix and rosary beads, two prayer books and a commemorative heart shaped disc.

It was extremely interesting for everyone in the class to learn about this special event. Thank you, Frank.

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