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Celebrating Shabbat

Mrs Glatherine visited KS2 in December to talk about how she celebrates Shabbat in her house. What made the assembly even better was that she brought her whole family along, so she could actually demonstrate Shabbat authentically.

Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest and is celebrated every Saturday with singing, thanks giving, the lighting of candles and the sharing salted bread. It was extremely helpful for the children to experience Shabbat first hand, as there are only a handful of Jewish families at Talbot, and the majority of pupils had not seen a Shabbat ceremony before.

Mrs Glatherine also distributed blank pages to each KS2 class. She has invited the pupils to write down any questions they have about Shabbat, Judaism or being a Jew; she will do her best to answer each and every one – although this may take some time. Mrs Glatherine will compile the answers to create a book for the KS2 library, which pupils and teachers can dip into.

Thank you so much, Mr Rivers and KS2


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