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Eid Assembly

We were very grateful to two of our parents, Mrs Khan and Mrs Umer, for sharing their family's experiences of Eid with the Key Stage Two children in assembly.  They shared the meaning of Eid Al-Ada with the children and how this festival was a time for being thankful, helping others and celebrating with family. 

The children asked some very well considered questions and listened attentively with interest to support their understanding.

Please see below for Mrs Umer's reflection on the assembly.

Mrs Gill


It was wonderful to be a part of the KS2 Eid Assembly at Talbot in September.

Eid, literally meaning ‘festivities and celebration’, is celebrated among the Muslim communities twice a year – once to mark the end of a whole month of fasting (well deserved I must say) and the second, known as Eid ul Adha or the big Eid, during the month of Hajj (pilgrimage)

Mrs Khan (one of the parents at Talbot Primary) and I really enjoyed sharing with the children our experiences of Eid ul Adha, how we celebrate it and what it means for the Muslims.

As I had the day off work, I was able to flaunt my red silk Shalwar Kameez, to show that like any grand occasion in any community, Eids are celebrated with wearing our best clothes, enjoying lots of delicious food (totally ignoring the consequences for a bit), meeting with family and friends and lots of gifts and goodies for the children. Eids, however, are also an occasion to pray and particularly remember the needy and vulnerable and therefore Muslims must give loads in charity and food.

Mrs Khan and I were quite amazed by such a large group of children sitting and listening so quietly and, more so, intently, evident from the stream of thoughtful and intelligent questions that came our way. We were asked questions like, ‘why is the day started with a prayer’, prompting us to talk about the subject in much more depth than we had anticipated.

I was also well impressed with the knowledge children already had about different faiths and how aptly they could make comparisons and find similarities between them.

I hope that the children enjoyed having us there as much as we enjoyed sharing the meaning of Eid with them. I look forward to attending more such assemblies in future as I know I will learn a lot from them myself.

– Tanzeela Umer


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