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Year 1 - St Andrews Church

e the recounts of 1JG’s trip to St Andrews Church. The children did really well. Mrs Glosek


Yesterday, we went to St Andrews and checked out the community garden; it was awesome. After that, we went to have a picture on the old stairs including our teacher and Mr Pickering, it was super fun. Then we looked inside and we asked Mr Pickering about the font, pulpit, altar and other equipment. Next, we did a quiz. We had to tick the things we could in the church see on our sheets. After that we went out of the church through the community garden and back to school.


On Thursday 1JG went on a school trip to St Andrews. First we went to look outside, we even got our photo taken!. Next, we went inside. We sat on special seats and Mr Pickering told us about the church. We asked questions. Then we had a sheet that told us to find things like the font, altar and other objects. Soon, we went back to school with our grown-ups.


On Thursday 19th of June 2014, 1JG went to St Andrews church. First we looked outside the church. We found a circle that was shapes in a cross. Then we found a circle with twelve bushes to remember the followers that Jesus had. After that we went inside and then we looked at all the features of the church. We had a clipboard and sheet and there were some features on the sheet. If we saw the features we had to tick them off. Lastly, we said “bye bye” to Mr Pickering and went back to school.


On Thursday 1JG went to ST Andrews. We saw some circles each one was to represent a different God. Then we went into the church. Mr Pickering told us a lot about the history of St Andrews. He told us that when babies get christened he gets some water on his hand from the font and uses it to make a sign of the cross on the baby’s head and sometimes they cry. After he told us that we had “eye spy” but no-one could find any statues.

Jonah, Noah, Fred, Callum, Eloise, Muhammad (collective recount)

Yesterday we visited St Andrews church. On a warm and cool day we walked around the outside of the church and sat down near the entrance and took a class photo. As soon as we walked into the church we saw stained glass windows. Then we went down the corridor and saw lots of animals from Noah’s ark. There were over 20 animals, some were tiny and hard to find.

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