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Year 2 Synagogue Visit

In our RE lessons, we have been learning about Judaism and the Jewish place of worship so on Tuesday 25th February, we visited the Sinai Synagogue. We learnt about the Hebrew alphabet and we tried to write our name in Hebrew. It was difficult to remember to write from right to left! We also sat inside the Synagogue and saw a very big menorah. Gwynneth showed us the ark where the Torah scrolls are kept and she even unrolled a Torah so we could look at the writing. We were not allowed to touch the Torah as it is written in ink and the oil in our hands could smudge it. Gwynneth pointed some words out for us using the yad. Do you know how long it takes to write a Torah? It takes five years and if the person writing it makes a mistake, they have to start all over again! We enjoyed seeing Mrs Mitchell dressed in the prayer shawl and kippah and we learnt lots of new information about the Synagogue.  

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