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Maths Zone

Welcome to the Maths Zone, where we provide parents and carers with information about maths and the way we teach it in school.


Parent/Carer Briefing - Jan 2018

Miss MacDonald and Mrs Gill led a briefing to support parent and carer understanding on how Maths is taught in school, our approach to mastery and what you can do at home to support your child(ren).  A copy of the presentation and booklet, which contains practical strategies for home are available via the links below.

Link to Presentation

Link to Practical strategies leaflet


NEW Calculation Policy for 2018

Talbot's Maths Calculation Policy shows the main methods we use in each year group. 


End of Year Expectations

For information regarding end of year age-expectations, including maths, please follow this link.


Advice and Support

If you would like to help yourself or your child with their maths please look at the National Numeracy website. This site has helpful hints and explains the importance of maths in your child’s education.


Using and Applying

Our curriculum provides many using and applying opportunities where children get the chance to use there maths skills in context. Please find the link too Nrich which will provide many using and applying tasks.


Talk Frames

We are also focusing on encouraging the children to use mathematical vocabulary to explain their reasoning. Please find the talk frames that will help your children explain their maths by clicking here.


Education City

Lastly, remember to check out Education City too, which contains many interactive activities for the children. This can be accessed quickly through DB Primary.

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