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Talk Matters

Find out more about this important, new teaching strategy which we are using at Talbot.

This half-term Talbot has embarked on an exciting journey to develop talk across the curriculum. We are doing this because research shows a direct correlation between oracy skills and overall success. We have focused on three key skills:

  • Active listening
  • Skilled speaking
  • Asking for clarification

At Talbot, we know that some of our pupils are reluctant to contribute in class which disadvantages them. While, at the other end of the spectrum, some pupils dominate conversations but are not good listeners. Moreover, we believe that all children can benefit from improving the precision of their comments and building on each other’s ideas meaningfully as it deepens the quality of their talk.

At Talbot, we believe, that by using these key skills all children will feel more confident about their learning and be able to share and explore their learning further by offering opinions, discussing strategies and reasoning, as well as developing their vocabulary - at the same time as responding clearly and audibly to their avid audience!

We have been taking part in new activities using Talk Matters strategies such as 'Think, Pair, Share, Square', 'Splat!' and word studies. Ask your children for more information about these and take a look at some of the photographs attached - remember to encourage them to respond in full sentences as well as audibly and clearly to help them to practise their Talk Matters skills!

By Mrs Rehman


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