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Talbot Primary School
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Education City

School has a fantastic online resource called Education City. It provides fun, interactive games to support learning. As all our teachers use Education City in class, the children are familiar with how to navigate around it. Thank you to the PTA for funding home access for a fourth year.


What does it offer?

  • Play games linked to specific objectives to reinforce learning covered in school
  • Complete activities designed for pupils in older year groups to extend learning
  • Complete activities designed for pupils in younger year groups to address gaps in learning
  • Complete online tests, which provide results linked to National Curriculum Age-related expectations
  • Compete in online maths and literacy games against other pupils to increase confidence and fluency


You can now access Education City via DB Primary without the need for a further password. Please see your teacher, if you are experiencing problems logging on. 

Note: Unfortunately, Apple restrict Flash Player, so this can limit how well the application may work on an Ipad or Mac. 



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