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Growth Mindsets Zone

Talbot Primary School is continuing to use a Growth Mindset approach as part of our teaching and learning philosophy. One year on and we have already witnessed some significant benefits. However, you can make the impact even greater for your children by learning about it and continuing this philosophy at home. It’s not just for the pupils either – many adults have found this philosophy useful in their own lives. Here is a synopsis of some key ideas we are working with.


NEW: Growth Mindsets one year on - a briefing for Parents/Carers (September 2016)

A Growth Mindset expert, Vicky Crane, has supported our school for the past two years, training our staff and helping shape our approach. As part of her work, she has delivered Growth Mindset training alongside our teachers for our school community. If you were unable to attend, the materials we used are linked below.

To read the Growth Mindset presentation click here.

To read Vicky Crane’s hand-out click here.


Effort and Strategies

We believe that intelligence is not fixed and that you can improve from any starting point. Therefore, we believe that effort, coupled with the right strategies will equal success. This is true in a pupil’s academic life but just as true in their lives outside school.


Learning Mountains

The pupils at Talbot Primary School have decided to use the image of mountains to symbolise learning challenges. This is a useful way for children to describe and reflect on their learning. To find out more - click here.


Learning Characteristics

Learning a difficult concept or new skill can be emotional. The children have developed six characters to help them face every challenge: Trying Turtle, King of Courage, The Great Mr Focus, Independence Girl, Perseverance Man and Reliant Ninja. From 2016, they have also begun to learn about the opposite characteristics, those that get in the way of effective learning, such as timidity, being dependent or being distracted easily.


Don’t put a ceiling on ambition - The Power of Yet

Growth Mindset expert, Carol Dweck, explains how aspirations can be raised with a single word – click here to watch her short video.



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