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DB Primary

DB Primary is our virtual learning environment: it allows pupils to e-mail each other safely, upload projects they are working on to link home/school learning and to quickly access tasks set by their teachers to extend learning. DB Primary also provides another way for teachers and pupils to share their work with parents and carers, e.g., by sharing videos of the pupils performing poetry or photos of DT projects at various stages.

DB Primary is available to pupils from Reception upwards and is a closed environment. This means that only pupils from Talbot Primary School have access, making it an extremely safe way to learn to navigate the internet. DB Primary also has several additional mechanisms to help keep children safe: inappropriate language is blocked and flagged up to staff, each page has a whistle icon to report abuse and all messages can be traced backed to individual users and computers.

To logon to DB Primary type: www.talbot.leeds.dbprimary.com into the address bar (not into a search engine like Google). Pupils then enter their school user name and password. Reception pupils are taught to access DB Primary by Christmas but older pupils already know how to do this.


What can pupils do with DB Primary?

  • design their own homepage
  • add content by typing, using a paint tool, uploading photos, uploading videos and/or by recording audio files
  • use Safemail, to e-mail each other
  • edit/continue ICT work they have done at school
  • upload work that they have done at home to share/continue in school
  • give their opinions through the class discussion pages
  • complete surveys and quizzes
  • contribute to blogs
  • complete some homework tasks
  • access Education City without the need to login.

At school, we go through our rules and expectations for using DB Primary very carefully each September. In the years since we started using DB Primary, we have experienced very few problems with online behaviour; however, please let us know immediately if you think there is anything we should address.

Please encourage your children to use DB Primary regularly,

Miss Ambler (Computing Coordinator)

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