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Young Voices 2017

On Wednesday the 11th of January 2017, the KS2 choir (led by Mrs Liddington) went to Sheffield Arena to take part/preform in the largest primary school singing concert in the world, consisting of 5,066 children and their teachers. It was called Young Voices.

For the past 5 months, the choir prepared for the concert. We had weekly practices and, running up to the date, we had two per week! The rehearsals were manic and were hard to fit in with our busy schedules especially for Year Six! We went over all the songs and then we perfected them one at a time. Nearer the day, we practiced at home to get them spot on and stuck in our brains. We also had to have extra practices just for the year six harmonies. These were even more challenging to fit in but we managed it just about!

On the day of the performance, we were all excited and raring to go. We all gathered in the KS2 hall at 11:30 and just had a little talk about health and safety. Then we went up to the KS1 hall and had an early lunch, so we wouldn’t be hungry before we set off! Next we went into RCC and looked at all the banners and got our groups sorted out - each group had uniquely coloured neon hats. Unfortunately, we chose the windiest day and so our hats kept flying off (especially Joanne’s!)

When all hats had been retrieved and were safely on our heads, we got on the coach and we sang all our songs with the outcome of laughter and a lot of giggles! When we finally arrived, we got off the bus with some difficulty as the wind was gale-like. We got in the arena intact and more excited than ever. As we found our seats, light shone at us in an array of colours and we all realised this was actually happening.

The rehearsal was very fun but exhausting. Our conductor - David Lawrence - was very funny and made us all laugh, even though we were all very hot. During the rehearsal, we went through every song and added a few more actions. After the two-and-a-half-hour-long rehearsal, we finally had our tea and prepared for the big event.

The performance was amazing and we were all having the time of our life! It started with us singing one of our favourite songs then, the dancers did an amazing routine to the song “7 years”! All of us in the arena were gobsmacked and in awe of their amazing talent. Then we sang more songs.

Our favourite other group was the amazing beatbox collective. They did a lot of amazing performances like ‘a day in the life of a beatboxer’ and they also did impressions of lots of TV shows like Countdown, ITV news and Planet Earth with all the sound effects like birds all with their voices!! The guest singers were astonishing and we were all amazed of how good they were!

We got back to Leeds after 11:00pm, exhausted but happy.

By Madeline (Y6) and Abigail (Y6)


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