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Year 6 Bikeability

Leeds Road Safety Team have been working with Year 6 to improve their cycling skills through a programme called Bikeability. This approach supports our commitment to encourage healthy life styles amongst our pupils and promotes sustainable travel within the school community.

55 pupils completed Level 1 Bikeability training, which was based around balance and coordination – for example, when signalling and manoeuvring. Most pleasingly, two pupils were taught to cycle confidently for the first time ever, giving them an important new life skill.

53 pupils were confident enough to complete Level 2 Bikeability training, which took them out on to the local roads around school. This is extremely important, as these are the type of road that many of our pupils cycle on regularly.

A record 33 pupils are now eligible to take part in Level 3 Bikeability training in the summer term. This will teach the pupils how to cycle safely on larger roads like Street Land and how to tackle roundabouts.

We encourage as many families as possible to cycle to school.

Mr Rivers (Deputy Headteacher)



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