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Harvest Donations

This year, we continued to support PAFRAS (Positive Action For Refugees/Asylum Seekers) by collecting food donations for them as part of our Harvest Festival. PAFRAS is a small, local charity, which helps families who are fleeing conflict, persecution and/or natural disasters. Their charitable work helps support families and individuals who are trying to begin their lives again from scratch – often with no possessions or income at all.

As always, the donations from Talbot families were varied and generous, with some pupils bringing entire carrier bags of food. The collection included tinned goods of every description, jars of sauce, boxes of cereal, dried goods like pasta and rice, and a fair few treats like biscuits, meringues and jelly cubes. Whatever you sent, the people at PAFRAS would like to thank you and assure you that it will all be distributed soon, to make a positive difference to people in great need.

A special thank you to Anna, Bethany, Camilla, Freya, Safah and Sasha in Year 6. They volunteered twenty-minutes of their lunchtime to help PAFRAS pack all the food into 26 crates. Our pupils did an expert job and I would like to thank them publicly.

Mr Jude Rivers (Deputy Headteacher)


If you are interested to learn more about PAFRAS you can follow this link to their website. I have been told they would welcome any help or donations you may wish to offer.


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