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Talbot Primary School
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NCPCC visits

As part of our on-going safeguarding work, we invited the NSPCC to Talbot in June this year.

Their focus was to teach our children how to keep themselves safe. They ask children to follow the key message of “Speak out. Stay safe” and to challenge situations that make them feel unhappy or uncomfortable. All children had 30 minute assemblies led by NSPCC volunteers and our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils had additional one-hour lessons in class to explore some issues more thoroughly.


Online Safety

The NSPCC also ran parent/carer workshops full of practical advice about how to keep your children safe at home when they are online. Thank you to those parents and carers who attended and the very positive feedback we received. The key messages were:

  • Be positive when you talk about the internet with your children; otherwise research shows they will switch off when you discuss cyber safety.
  • Check out the suitability of games and apps by visiting NetAware. It will explain what they are about, what they can do and suggest whether they are suitable for your children.
  • Visit an O2 shop and speak to their digital gurus, for free, to get bespoke advice about making your devices and apps as safe as possible. Alternatively, call the NSPCC/O2 advice line for free on 0800 800 5002.


The NSPCC also shared the following resources:

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