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Road Safety Training

Sadly, road traffic accidents are still a major cause of serious injury and death amongst children in primary and secondary schools. To help support the school community, Anne and Wendy from the Road Safety Team visited school in June to deliver assemblies to KS1 and KS2.

Anne and Wendy taught the children the Green Cross Code with the key messages: THINK, STOP, LOOK and LISTEN when you cross the road. The children have learnt accompanying actions and it would be extremely helpful if parents and carers reinforced these simple rules when they are out and about with their children.

In the Autumn term, Year 4 pupils had entered a competition to design 20mph signs for the area around Talbot Primary School to help remind drivers to slow down. It is a well-established fact that driving at 20mph vastly reduces the chance of someone being knocked. Moreover, if an adult or child were knocked down, driving at 20mph dramatically increases their chances of avoiding life-changing injuries and death.

The 20mph competition was won by Henry L and Noah VP. The boys received replica signs to put in their bedrooms and a high-vis rucksack filled with goodies; they each took home a £10 gift-voucher also. School has also been given copies to display. At the time of writing this article, the boys signs have not been put up in the local area but we are promised this will happen soon. We are looking forward to seeing them on the streets.

Year 4 received additional theory lessons on the Green Cross Code and were then taken out to put these skills into practice in groups of 10. Again, if you have a Year 4 pupil it would be helpful to discuss their experiences and reinforce the new skills while they are fresh in their minds. We do specific pedestrian training in Year 4, as many children are given more responsibility when crossing small roads by their parents.

Lastly, Anne and Wendy reminded pupils that they must always wear a seat-belt for car journeys and should be sitting on a booster seat if they are smaller than 135cm. These two measures will keep young passengers much safer.

Jude Rivers (Deputy Headteacher)

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