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The Big Pedal 2017

The Big Pedal is an inter-school competition to promote the benefits of travelling to school on bikes and scooters. These sustainable forms of travel are healthy, fun, good for the environment and will help alleviate the congestion and parking issues around our school.

Overall, Talbot did well - coming in the top 25% of schools who participated and with a final position of 405th. Whilst we didn’t win any of the big prizes on offer, it did make a positive difference. During the two-week event, it the number of children and their parents who chose to scoot and cycle to school increased from approximately 17% to 25%. May I extend a special thank you to all the mums and dads who supported us by joining in themselves – you are never too old for a scooter!

By the final Friday, the bike and scooter racks were simply overflowing. This is partly due to everyone’s efforts and partly due to the fact that we do not have enough bike and scooter storage at the moment. However, fear not, as plans are underway to address this very soon. I promise it will be a considerable improvement.

In the long term, we hope that initiatives like the Big Pedal and the improving weather helps to encourage more of our families to commute by bike and scooter in the future, leaving us with a legacy of healthy and environmentally sustainable travel arrangements.

If this issue is important to you, please consider joining our Mode Shifts working party; it looks at reducing car use in favour of alternative methods of transport. You can do this by contacting Mr Rivers or leaving a note in the school office.

Lastly, a big thank you to Euan and Aran in Year 6 who collected the scores each day. You really helped keep it going.

By Mr Rivers (Deputy Headteacher)


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