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Comic Relief 2017

This year, school raised a whopping £677.85 for Comic Relief.

A decent proportion of this was donated by pupils and staff who wore red for the day; however, the overwhelming majority was raised through our KS2 bake sale. A number of our older pupils bought or more often made an incredible selection of cakes, buns, flapjacks, snacks and treats. There really was something for everyone. While the event wasn’t 100% in-line with our healthy school initiatives, it was undeniably delicious and worthwhile!

Miss Wood and the School Council did a Comic Relief assembly for KS1 and Mr Middleton and 6JM did an assembly for KS2. This meant the children got to learn about the origins of Comic Relief, what other people were doing to celebrate it and how their money might be used to help people. Both assemblies were informative and raised a smile.

Thank you to Miss Wood, the School Council, Mr Middleton and 6JM for their considerable effort; you all helped to make the day special.

By Mr Rivers

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