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World Book Day teacher costumes

Pupils and staff pulled out all the stops for the “Come as your favourite character” World Book Day event on Thursday 2nd March. It created a great buzz and sparked 100’s of conversations about different stories throughout the day.

During World Book Week, there were also special assemblies celebrating stories, most classes visited the libraries for extra sessions, older pupils read to younger pupils and there were many other games and activities which celebrated reading, e.g., making mini-books. We hope this focus on books helped foster a love and enjoyment of reading and enthused the children to read more often. Lastly, every child was given a £1 book voucher to buy a £1 book or put towards the cost of a more expensive one. We hope everyone uses them up and doesn’t let them go to waste.

Many families also chose to donate £1 to Book Aid International. The money will be used to buy books for communities in sub-Saharan Africa and make a difference to young people who have limited access to books.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit everyone’s photo on the website. However, there are many more available on DB Primary. Find them by visiting the School Council Page and then clicking on the gallery.

Thanks to Mrs Kate Liddington (AHT and English Coordinator) for organising the event.

By Mr Jude Rivers

PS: I was Mike TV from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and not Woody from Toy Story. Well done to those of you who spotted the Golden Ticket!

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