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Come and Try Netball

Miss Gilbert, Talbot Primary School’s Sports Coach, took an aspiring team of seven Year 5 boys and girls to a Come and Try netball event, so they could learn more about this fast paced sport. It was run by Active Schools and held at Allerton Grange High School.

Our team battled hard, often against Year 6 pupils, and performed very well. As we were the smallest team physically, we had to work particularly hard on our movement and speed. Although we didn’t win our matches, the improvement game on game was very satisfying to observe and we hope that some children who participated decide to take the sport up in the future.

We would like to thank the organisers for such a well-run event and our pupils whose behaviour was a credit to Talbot.

By Mr Jude Rivers (DHT) and Miss Abigail Gilbert (Sport Coach)


Here are two accounts by the pupils:

On the 28th of February, 7 years 5’s went to Allerton Grange high school with Miss Gilbert our P.E coach to try out a netball fun festival. There were lots of different schools and it was extremely good fun.

We played 6 games and did very well. There were 7 schools (including us) and some of the teams were very good. We enjoyed going to play netball at Allerton Grange, because it was fun to learn new positions.

By Isabella and Naomi, 5IM                        


On Tuesday 28th February, Miss Gilbert took seven children to netball for a come and try event at Allerton grange high school. We took part in six matches against seven other schools (including us). Some children in Talbot’s team had played netball before (like us who play for the Yorkshire Jets at Leeds Beckett University) but others had never played before.

It was a good experience to play for fun instead of a competitive match. In the first game, we did not win but it was lots of fun. In the following games, we drew with 0-0 but we had a great time anyway. We would like to say thank you to Miss Gilbert and Mr Rivers for taking us and we hope for more events like this in the future.

By Freya and Anna, 5IM

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