Talbot Primary School
Talbot Primary School
East Moor Road, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 1AF
T: 0113 293 4086
courage, truth, loyalty

Website Photo Policy

Talbot’s website is used to provide information about our school. This includes many photographs of school life. To ensure that this is being done appropriately:

  • We gain written consent from Parents/Carers stating that they are happy for photos of their children to appear on the school website. If we do not have this permission, we will not use photos of the pupils in question.
  • Similarly, we gain written consent from our staff, before we use their images on the school website.
  • We do not use photos that would embarrass an individual in anyway.
  • Lastly, if anyone is unhappy with an image that we have used of themselves or their child (for whatever reason), they should let school know and it will be taken down as swiftly as possible.
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