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Spring Discos - 2017

The Spring discos for KS1 and KS2 had the regular mix of high energy, wild excitement, trendy outfits, wicked dancing and lots and lots (and lots) of treats. However, due to the slick organisation of Tracey Cosstick and her PTA volunteers, Mr Shuffles skilful handling of the crowds and the sensible behaviour of the pupils themselves, everything went off smoothly making it another fantastic event. Even the cleaners commented how tidy and clean school was when they came in on Monday!

In the KS1 disco, there was a surfing themed dance off between the boys and girls, which got everyone paddling, ducking and balancing on imaginary surf boards. The standard was so high, it was impossible to split teams and both the boys and the girls won.

In the KS2 disco, the giant limbo dance was a new experience to many and the children came up with some impressive moves to get under the rope … including some moves which could only be described as … well, outright cheating! However, no one seemed to mind and the most stylish limbo dancers won the prizes.

These events are thoroughly enjoyed by hundreds of pupils, have a great community feel and raise funds for the school. Thanks again to everyone who made it happen.

By Jude Rivers (Deputy Headteacher)


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